The Listening Project


Jason Bruges Studio was commissioned to design and build lit sculptures for trailers of new BBC Radio 4 series, The Listening Project. Working together with Karmarama, Red Bee Media and director Giles Revell, we produced sculpted names that react to the audio with the internal lighting.

Shot on two locations in the south of England, pebbly Brighton beach and the fairytale Firle, the two trailers create a visual experience that enhances the people and stories without taking anything away from the power of their spoken words.

Working with two specially edited conversations from The Listening Project programme, the studio collaborated with director Giles Revell to design a sensitive manifestation of the already charming conversations of Beryl & Graham, and Sasha & Paddy. The bespoke “name objects” emanate light from within, in character with the voices. Unspoken and spoken moments between the characters were considered closely, with colour and form of the lights in-flux with the emotional atmosphere of the conversation.

The Listening Project is an ambitious archive of conversations from across Britain, curated by BBC and the British Library.

Director: Giles Revell
1st Assistant Director: Cordy Hardy BBC Digital marketing Manager: Giles Perry
Producer: Ella Littlewood
Production Manager: Paul Coward
Production Assistant: Conor Keane
Chief Creative Officer: Dave Buonaguidi
Creatives: Tom Woodington & Robin Temple
Lighting Designer: Jason Bruges Studio
Director of Photography: Andy Taylor-Smith
Camera Operator: Mike Metcalf
Video Playback: Andy Shields
Art Director: Chris Williams
Post Production Supervisor: Gerry Lindfield


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