Bringing visualisation out of the box

Within the studio, 3D visualisation is used as a means of sketching concepts, developing ideas and communicating our ideas to clients, collaborators and the general public.

How's the Forecast Looking?

If you are planning a weekend away anywhere in the UK, there is a good chance that at some point you will check the weather forecast. It's mid July, will I need to pack an umbrella? Do I need a jumper or will a t-shirt and shorts be okay? How about galoshes? This is Britain after all.

Light brings me, to you

Light is more important than you think, find out about one reason why.

Creating a space of sound and light

As an architectural designer, I consider the space quite often. In the world of architecture, most spaces are defined by physical structures, such as walls and columns. I personally feel that such quantized and unchangeable spaces are difficult to attract people, because of the lack of vitality. In fact, many architects have attempted to integrate their design with flexibility, e.g. movable walls or liftable floors.

Finding Time To Change

Someone once said to me that I have more time than they do. I can quite understand why someone might actually believe this but clearly we all have the same amount of time, it's how we chose to spend it that makes us different.




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